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At Lead NDT, we have developed an effective and comprehensive Health, Safety, and Environmental program that plays a vital role in our company’s operations.


The health and well-being of our employees – as well as the protection of our environment – are given prime consideration in our company’s daily activities.

Our total commitment to HSE is proven by the scope and detailed planning we have put into developing a truly comprehensive program. We invite all current and potential customers to review the key elements of our HSE program listed below.

Quality Statement

To provide customers with quality services, consistently meeting or exceeding their requirements and to run our facility in complete accordance with all quality, health, safety, legal, and environmental requirements.

You can rest assured that no company is more dedicated to safety than Lead NDT.

Active ISNetworld membership (ID #400-182306)
Active member of PEC, member ID #24152
Safe Land/Safe Gulf certified
Full compliance with SEMS (30 CFR 250, Subpart S) including the following elements:

General Provisions

Safety Manual
Organizational Chart
Annual Goals & Objectives

Safety & Environmental Policy Statement

Environmental Management Plan

Waste Minimization Plan

Job Hazard Analysis Program

Job Safety Analysis
Review & Tracking System

Human Factor Considerations

Employee Behavioral Based Safety Program

Management of Change

MOC Review & Tracking System

Standard Operating Procedures

Mechanical Integrity

Quality Control/Quality Assurance

Safe Work Practices

Hot Work & Other Work Involving Ignition Sources
Lockout & Tag Out of Electrical and Mechanical Energy Sources

Employee Job Classifications

Written Employee Job Descriptions

Employee Training

Safety & Regulatory Requirements
Skills & Verification Process
Short Service Employee Program

Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Preparation & Drills

Investigation of Incidents

Root Cause Analysis & Tracking Systems

Internal Audits

Quarterly Facility Audits
Annual SEMS Review

Lead NDT Certifications

  • QMS
  • ISO 9000ISN Networld

We invite you to contact our safety manager online or call 337-339-1613 should you have any questions or would like further information related to our Safety & Environmental Management System.

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